How is sudden heart attack different from a normal heart attack?

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People often confuse a sudden heart attack is a severe and emergency form of a normal heart attack. But if you will talk to experienced invasive cardiology doctors in Delhi or cardiologist in your reach, you will get to know that a sudden heart attack or precisely a cardiac arrest is different from a normal attack. The most important thing is the variation in the rate of saving a life in both of these cases. If an individual experience a sudden cardiac arrest, the chances of saving the patient are quite bleak in comparison to an individual who suffers from a normal heart attack, but effective emergency medical aid can be considered helpful.

A highly qualified specialist best invasive cardiology in India known for states, one has to understand that the very cause of a both these medical problems is different which thereby makes cardiac arrest way far varied from a heart attack in normal cases. Basically, an individual suffered s normal heart attack, the underlying cause is the insufficient reach of oxygenated rich blood to the heart, it is in turn caused by a blockage in one or more coronary arteries, the greater is the blockage, the more is the impact of a normal heart attack. The blockage in the coronary artery can be cued by deposition of unnecessary fats or excessive calcium (or protein). In some cases, narrowing of these coronary arteries for instances, due to disease like stenosis of the sorts can be responsible for blocking the reach of oxygenated rich blood to the heart.

On the hand, a sudden cardiac arrest is caused by the instant triggering of interference in the optimal working of the heart’s electrical system. The reach of blood to different body parts is compromised in a sudden cardiac arrest. In the simplest terms, the rigged electrical system of the heart starts to malfunction the working if the heart, the excessive pressure on heart led to an increase in the rate of optimal heartbeat, once the blood supply to the brain is cut off which can be quick, the patient turns unconscious.

The causes of a sudden cardiac arrest can be a heart arrhythmia, there is heart arrhythmia specialist in India who are experienced in helping the patients to get rid of this problem so that the life-threatening chances of a sudden cardiac arrest can be decreased. Experts especially warn of ventricular fibrillation which can prove to be fatal in some cases. Thereby it is advised to go for regular health checkups and counseling. Dr. Ashish Agarwal says, ‘Keep your heart healthy and just like that you earned a portion of your overall health!’ Eat healthy, keep a check on your diet, do not follow a sedentary lifestyle, also do not overwork yourself, eat your medicines properly (if you have been asked to), and stay happy.

In case of an emergency when someone in your proximity s experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, you should help them immediately, immediate medical help can save a life. As per the best heart hospital in India, every individual shoe knows how to give a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). CPR maintains the temporary supply of oxygen to the brain, Secondly, the defibrillator is used by the emergency medical aid but in some public places, defibrillators can be available, they should be sued if the professionals are late to reach. Know the emergency contact of medical personnel and stay calm.

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