What Conditions Can Lead To Hip Replacements?

Hip Replacement Surgery In Delhi

Hip is the largest joint of the human body. There are various kinds of joints present our body and the hip joint is a form of ball and socket joint. The surface of the hip bone is covered with articular cartilage which functions to act as a cushion at the end of the bones in order to make them move easily without restrictions. In cases of damage to the hip joint, the articular cartilage might not repair naturally.

In many cases, physiotherapy may be suggested but if the issues continue to persist, hip replacement surgeons in India might replace the damaged hip joint with a prosthetic hip joint.

Conditions for Hip Replacement Surgery:

Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is an autoimmune disease in which the synovial fluids of the bone get inflamed and thickened. Its increase leads to the damage in the cartilage which is often accompanied by stiffness and pain.

Hip Osteoarthritis: It is mainly associated with a person’s age. With growing age, there is increased wear and tear which eventually damages our bones. This leads to chronic pain in the bone due to stiffness as bones rub against each other.

Avascular Necrosis: In case of an injury or accident the blood supply might get restricted to the femoral head. The lack of blood supply may affect the bone surface and lead to hip arthritis. Several other diseases also lead to vascular necrosis and in such cases prompt medical treatment is necessary.

Post-traumatic Arthritis: The issue underlying this might be an accident or an injury, which damages the joints and leads to chronic stiffness and pain.

Childhood Hip Disease: While a lot of people develop joint problems in old age, children too are vulnerable to these and the issues might persist even after the treatment. This usually happens when the hip does not grow normally and the joint surface is seriously affected. Some issues which might lead to premature hip arthritis are perthes disease and septic arthritis and SCFE.

Joint replacement surgery in Delhi is offered at all the leading hospitals and had been highly successful in helping a lot of patients suffering from chronic hip problems.

The damaged area is replaced with a metal stem, which has one ceramic ball on the upper part which is placed in the hollow part of the femur. Then the femoral head may be either cemented or fit into the bone. The acetabulum is removed by hip replacement surgeons in Delhi and is replaced with a metal socket. In a few cases, screws might be used in the socket to hold it in place. A ceramic, metal or plastic spacer is inserted in the new joint to maintain its smooth functioning.


Post surgery you have to take proper care in order to prevent any issue from arising at least for to 3 weeks post surgery.  Some of the issues like deep vein thrombosis or wound might develop. In a few cases, after the surgery, one leg might feel longer than the other leg.

Dr. Aashish Chaudhry says doctors do try to maintain the same lengths of the legs but in few cases, this is difficult due to the need for maintenance of stability.

One should be cautious to sit on the level of knees, avoid low chairs, not sit cross-legged, not squat down to tie up the shoes, no bend down to lift heavy objects etc.

Sports injury treatment in Delhi is getting very efficient with time and has attracted a lot of patients from other parts of the country as well. Early detection can prove to be very beneficial as complications arise as the problem proceeds. Simple guidelines suggested by your doctor can also help to keep the problem at bay. These include an active lifestyle, healthy eating habits, normal body weight etc.

The rehabilitation period post-surgery can be around 3 to 6 months. Physiotherapy is very important as it helps in rapid recovery. It is suggested to the patient to use a pillow between their legs while sleeping for at least one month.

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